Above all what do I need to know about Fight ?

Combat is one of the most important stages in Muay Thai if you want to improve. A person who has practiced Muay Thai for around 10 years but has never fought will have a significant flaw in his arsenal. At our club you learn the offense and defense needed against the melee of a Muay Thai fighter. We will put this into practice which is carried out on the bag, or in pad holding .. Then there is also a more realistic form of training which is sparring. It allows you to place the shots against your partner, and to dodge or block his attacks, but it is not entirely realistic and power used will be based on the experience of both partners. Not all Muay Thai techniques are used in sparring and with good reason, such as elbows and straight knees. Sparring is less stressful than a fight because both partners go in knowing that the shots are slightly worn, and it will not fear them. But in sparring you will miss elements that are found only in real combat as the stress, adrenaline rush, fatigue, and the pain of the blows received are not the factor. Therefore simple sparring does not train you to react the same way as real ring combat does. Things will not necessarily be more difficult either in combat, as for example in your club sparring you may be paired up with (depending on your template) against guys much bigger and heavier, which will be a big disadvantage due to the size and reach difference. Once again according to the character of each person sparring, you will hold back your blows and take safety into consideration. But when in combat you have to let go and often make your moves at full power. There is always the possibility that without previous experience in the ring, you do not fear the blows and do not give them much thought, often feeling over confident. Whereas if you're in a real fight and your opponent sends you a big low kick you will be destabilized because you did not manage the situation and get over your fear. In short there are dozens of different possibilities and ways to react in combat, and unique to each person. A benefit of fighting is to go to account precisely what you are really worth in the ring, to improve yourself, to find out your defects or lack of practice (may be a bad guard, shortness of breath, a poor technique in Melee ...)

Maybe this is not a very good comparison, but the fight for a practitioner of Muay Thai is a bit like a person who knows how to fly a plane in a simulator and has never flown a real plane, it misses the main feel sensations impossible to describe if you have not experienced them.

To all who come to train in our gym, everybody has the opportunity to fight here in Phuket. It must first be made aware that anyone fighting are considered to be fit and well rounded in Muay Thai. The fight is full contact, meaning kicks, punches, elbows and knees are allowed and with no pads or protection. There is a total of 5 rounds, each 3 minutes long, and with a break of 2 minutes between each one. There are several stages or stadiums for Muay Thai including 2 located on Patong beach (10km from the gym), Patong and Bangla Stadium. Here there is fighting several days a week, with approx. 10 fights a night, which leaves plenty of opportunity for foreigners to fight against the Thai nakmuay. Whether you are a beginner, advanced or professional, you have 0 or 50 battles, it will be possible for you to fight. What you should know is that before we will make sure that you can be physically ready to take the rounds and have a sufficient level for combat. What you need to know is if this is your first fight, you will not fight against a champion either, because this is not the goal. A fighter of your level will be selected for a fair fight, and there is not a huge difference between skill level of the two. The two fighters, however, must weigh the same weight, so that also there is no difference to give an unfair advantage. The Gym takes care of the car travel, as well as the material for the preparation of the fighter like oil, bands, water... The teacher will accompany you ,prepare (massage, bandaging of hands ...) and stand in the corner of the ring to coach you. The Gym ask in exchange for a small contribution of your fight purse which will be communicated directly to the camp. As in Thailand, Muay Thai is an art, and as a fighter you will be paid by the promoters of the stadiums for your fight win or lose.


You'll enjoy fighting in the country where Muay Thai was born, and will be able to own the accomplishment of having fought alongside with other Muay Thai professionals. A unique experience in the purest tradition, in a stadium where thousands of nakmuay have already fought, with the unforgettable atmosphere of punters cry, the smell of oil and sweat, and all under the influence of a captivating music. Amaze yourself and leave your fear at the door, you're now a Nakmuay!